Asset, Reliability and Energy Intelligence
for Motor-Driven Systems

Asset Intelligence

Let total cost of ownership, health, and performance drive your repair vs. replace decisions

Reliability Intelligence

Use energy-based condition monitoring to take corrective action at the right time

Energy Intelligence

Lower energy costs and gain efficiency optimization of your motor-driven systems

of preventive maintenance fail to reduce downtime
of interval-based maintenance activities occur too frequently
of interval-based preventive maintenance activities occur too late
of preventive maintenance activities are completely unnecessary

Motors@Work Benefit calculator

Whether you have a dozen motors or thousands, Motors@Work pricing provides the flexibility and scalability to meet your needs.

Get a quick idea of your potential savings with the help of our benefit calculator.

Jump start your asset and reliability initiatives and save money

DMWW pumping optimization has allowed the utility to achieve established industry benchmarks of a minimum of 11 percent to 15 percent in the peak rate and demand charge energy expense.

Doug OscarsonDes Moines Water Works Utility Manager

Today the moral mandate is to  manage one’s assets for optimal performance at the least energy cost and environmental impact; truly a win:win strategy.

Bill StoweDes Moines Water Works CEO and General Manager

Taking a life cycle approach to motor management is essential to optimizing efficiency. Motors@Work will be critical to us accomplishing these objectives.

Royce HammittOperations & Maintenance Manager at Des Moines Metropolitan WRA


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