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Based in Greenville, South Carolina, one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. and a major engineering hub, Motors@Work is a pioneer in motor and pump-driven system energy optimization with a focus on the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) sector. Our company leverages patent-pending technology to optimize motors and pumps based on multiple factors including: motor/pump type, energy usage, cost of energy and weather data.

Motors@Work provides the information and intelligence that will save your energy, reduce maintenance costs, optimize operations and improve motor-driven system asset performance. Our leadership has decades of combined experience in the technology, energy and asset management space. Our team works to ensure our clients understand how exactly their motor-driven equipment uses energy.

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our founder

Our Founder

Our founder established Motors@Work LLC to enable business transformation within organizations having a focus on promoting energy conservation and sustainability by delivering the financial and physical controls for an enterprise to be in full control of their energy consumption and costs, and the motors and motor-driven assets and operating infrastructure that underpins them.

icon_goal_blue_croped150Our Goals

Our Goal is simple, to provide an intelligent, intuitive, systematic, and secure, motor energy performance management IoT service enabling “optimum motor-driven energy performance at the least energy cost and environmental impact” where time-to-value is not on the critical path.

our principlesOur Principles

Motors@Work LLC will collaborate with but remain autonomous and operate independently of any OEMs, C&I, Gov’t and NGO Motors@Work Community Members, or other stakeholders.  Our focus is sustainable, cost effective energy and cost reduction… and that is simply too important to compromise!

Frequently Asked

Can you start using Motors@Work with just a few motors?

Motors@Work is scalable and flexible. Whether you start with a dozen motors or thousands, Motors@Work provides efficient and cost–effective use alternatives in line with your needs and budget.

How long does it take to get started with Motors@Work?

Motors@Work is designed to solve the most simple to the most complex and demanding motor efficiency management challenges. However that does not mandate an expensive, time consuming deployment. In fact, just the opposite. Motors@Work can be up and running in days or weeks instead of months or longer depending on the complexity and level of integration required to meet your operational objectives

Is a CMMS or EAM system required to use Motors@Work?

No, Motors@Work identified non-conformity Alerts and replacement Recommendations are communicated within Motors@Work.  However Motors@Work will leverage existing CMMS or EAM to initiate non-conformity work orders and replacement recommendation evaluation and planning providing a more comprehensive systematic approach.


Start reducing your Energy Costs today!

DMWW pumping optimization has allowed the utility to achieve established industry benchmarks of a minimum of 11 percent to 15 percent in the peak rate and demand charge energy expense.

Doug OscarsonDes Moines Water Works Utility Manager

Today the moral mandate is to  manage one’s assets for optimal performance at the least energy cost and environmental impact; truly a win:win strategy.

Bill StoweDes Moines Water Works CEO and General Manager

Taking a life cycle approach to motor management is essential to optimizing efficiency. Motors@Work will be critical to us accomplishing these objectives.

Royce HammittOperations & Maintenance Manager at Des Moines Metropolitan WRA
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