About Motors@Work

Motors@Work is a cloud-based software-as-a-service that provides intelligent and intuitive analytics that enable our clients to optimize the performance of their motor-driven systems. We do this by providing timely technical and financial analytics on your  equipments’ energy and reliability operating performance.

With our deep motor expertise, proprietary motor catalog, and patent-pending analytics, we help you make informed motor management decisions. Our analytics augment your asset management processes with energy and reliability management best practices.

Motors@Work leverages your existing technology investment whether you collect motor inventory data with handheld devices, capture data in your ERP or CMMS, or gather data from your SCADA, sensors, and sub-meters.

Motors@Work helps motor-driven intensive companies increase their asset reliability, improve collaboration between operations and maintenance, and cut energy and maintenance spending by up to 30%.

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Getting started with Industrial IoT is easier than you think

Have an IoT initiative that needs a boost to drive significant results? Or are you just getting started on Industrial IoT? Either way Motors@Work supports any stage of your maintenance maturity journey.

Motors@Work leverages your existing technology investment to capture asset information, such as age, manufacturer, and model number. Then the solution supplements your asset record, using our proprietary motor catalog, with the manufacturer’s specifications and linking to design specs, if commercially available.

Motors@Works enhances the data that you have collected either from handheld devices, captured in your ERP or CMMS, or gathered from your SCADA, sensors, and sub-meters to improve your asset management decisions. Then, Motors@Work applies complex algorithms to the incoming values to detect problematic operating conditions.

When the platform identifies performance “non-conformities”or items that require action, Motors@Work generates a report with asset history and sensor data and sends alerts to your system. This enables you to determine the proper intervention — such as correcting a potentially motor-damaging stress before it creates a bigger issue or scheduling downtime to replace equipment.

Motors@Work integrates out-of-the-box with IBM Maximo and Infor. The solution is also available on the IBM Watson platform.


Rod Ellsworth
Rod Ellsworth
President & CEO
Rod has over 30 years of energy and enterprise asset management experience
Jess Fortune
Jess Fortune
General Manager – Center of Excellence
Jess is responsible for sales in key regions of North America
Nicole Dyess
Nicole Dyess
Director of Client Solutions
Nicole manages implementations and user experience  
Vivek Sharan
Vivek Sharan
Director of Product Development
Vivek focuses on continually rolling out new features and capabilities