Motors@Work PARTNERS

In order to help our clients systematically achieve the best outcome minimum costs and maximum system efficiency, we have partnered with industry leaders who foster proven methodologies that fit our business model. With the help of our partners, we can fully deliver an innovative solution to help organizations who are looking to use the least amount of energy at the lowest cost.

ValuD Consulting

ValuD Consulting became a partner with Motors@Work in 2016. The company is the industry leading provider for both IBM TRIRIGA and Motors@Work Industrial IoT technologies. With operations in the United States and India, ValuD’s global team of deeply skilled consultants leverages its proven FastStart methodology and proprietary Solution Accelerators to help private and public sector organizations develop breakthrough solutions with measurable results.  ValuD was listed as #1455 on the list of Fastest Growing Companies on Inc. 5000 in 2015.

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Headquartered in Armonk, New York, USA, IBM is one of the largest IT conglomerates in the industry today. With over a century’s worth of expertise in diverse fields such as Hardware, Middleware, software and consulting, technology and innovation has always been the USP of IBM. With the advent of cloud computing, this multinational giant has now emerged as a cognitive solutions and cloud platform company. At over 400000 personnel in its ranks, IBM has one of the biggest workforces in the industry today. In 2016, IBM was ranked seventh in the Forbes list of world’s most valuable brands and thirty second in Fortune magazine’s list of world’s most admired companies.

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SCRA Applied Technologies Logo
SC Launch

South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) was formed in 1983 by the state of South Carolina to manage federal research projects and to collaborate with industry and universities to promote high-tech development. It has over 31 years of experience delivering technology solutions to federal and corporate clients as well as aiding in the growth of the Knowledge Economy in South Carolina. SCRA Applied R&D manages over $5.1 billion in national and international R&D programs with focus areas including prototypes, maritime technology, advanced materials and energy while SCRA R&D Facilities contain SC Launch programs including wet labs, secure rooms for sensitive work and advanced, high-tech manufacturing shops.

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Based out of Greenville, South Carolina, NEXT is a program of the Greenville Chamber and its objective is to support high-impact entrepreneurs and their game-changing ventures. The company believes in the concept of ‘wealth through ownership’ and therefore focusses on attracting and growing high-impact, knowledge-based companies by developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem and connecting entrepreneurs to it. The company holds the belief that innovative small companies are critical to true economic development and therefore strives to provide the support that entrepreneurs seek and require for them to build strong, successful, globally-competitive businesses. NEXT currently supports over 100 knowledge-based companies in Upstate South Carolina.

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Vitality Energy

Vitality Energy is a Utah company formed originally by Christopher Atkins, a Utah certified energy manager. Having done energy management work for the State of Utah and for the University of Utah, Chris saw a pressing need for better energy consumption data in order to properly do energy management. Vitality Energy now combines years of real-world experience with energy data to offer a complete energy management solution.

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Smart Connect

Smart Connect Technologies, Inc. provides sensor data capture solutions to easily create real-time analytics from hardware assets at the edge of their networks; enabling increased productivity, equipment, and operational efficiencies. Smart Connect’s solutions aggregate data from multiple disparate devices into any local, enterprise, or cloud based analytics platform faster, more efficiently, and at less cost than conventional integrations. Customers across public and private industry sectors are using the SmartConnect Gateway™ to connect sensors and machines without proprietary protocols or engineering overhead, access real-time data from anywhere, pass the data securely over wired or wireless networks, and create analytics that enable intelligent decision making at the asset, process and business levels.

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