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 Motors@Work FAQ

Motors@Work is scalable and flexible. Whether you start with a dozen motors or thousands, Motors@Work provides efficient and cost–effective use alternatives in line with your needs and budget.
Motors@Work is designed to solve the most simple to the most complex and demanding motor efficiency management challenges. However, that does not mandate an expensive, time consuming deployment. In fact, just the opposite. Motors@Work can be up and running in days or weeks instead of months or longer depending on the complexity and level of integration required to meet your operational objectives.
No, Motors@Work identified non-conformity Alerts and replacement Recommendations are communicated within Motors@Work. However Motors@Work will leverage existing CMMS or EAM to initiate non-conformity work orders and replacement recommendation evaluation and planning providing a more comprehensive systematic approach.
Motors@Work manages life-cycle operational costs. Electricity comprises over 95% of motor life-cycle operational cost. Typically CMMS and EAM systems do not address energy performance optimization. With Motors@Work customers will know exactly how their motor-driven equipment energy is being used, identify energy improvement opportunities, and the ROI calculated for them in support of their energy measures. Motors@Work information and intelligence will save energy, estimated at 20% to 30%, reduce maintenance costs, and improve asset performance. All of which goes right to the bottom line.
Motors@Work can be used in either a stand-alone mode, where the measurements are manually entered, or integrated with sub-metering or SCADA systems to collect near real-time readings.
No, measurements can be captured through periodic inspections. “Best Practices “ recommend conducting inspections at a minimum of once every 3 months or 2,000 hours of operations. However if sub-metering is in place Motors@Work will leverage the sub-meter measurements providing more near real-time measurement frequencies.
Motors@Work manages both motors and driven-systems. Today Motors@Work functionality addresses motor and pumping systems energy performance management. On the drawing board are compressor, fans, and blower systems management.
Yes. Additionally Motors@Work handles multi-speed motors.
Yes, Motors@Work identifies Phase Unbalance, Power Factor, and Harmonics issues.
Yes. Motors@Work will handle everything from calculating a simple return-on-investment on a single motor purchase to a comprehensive enterprise system management program optimizing the operations & maintenance and design change management of your motor-driven systems. Motors@Work allows you to create, import, or integrate with your company’s inventory system-of-record of commissioned and spare motors and system components. Certified analytics and standards will determine motor system load, efficiency at the load point, energy consumption and cost, either by field measurements or near real-time integrations to legacy systems. Inefficient or oversized motor non-conformities will be identified, repair and replacement countermeasures defined, and potential savings determined independent of the age of the motor. Power quality (voltage imbalance and harmonics) is monitored and anomalies will also be identified to meet rated efficiency and performance levels. Validation of efficiency savings will be provided promoting a continually improving motor system efficiency program and stakeholder commitment.
Yes, Motors@Work has 47,205 pre-defined Electric Utility Rate Schedules from 4,643 EIA-recognized Utilities. T-O-U Utility rate schedules include rates for season, time of day, demand charge and power factor penalties.

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