3 Key Takeaways from MaximoWorld™

I don’t know about you, but it took me a couple of days to recover from all the “peace, love, and Maximo” at last week’s MaximoWorld™ conference. The three-day event — hosted by ReliabilityWeb.com® — featured emerging asset management technologies, recently identified best practices for capturing a healthy ROI on your EAM investment, workshops on asset and work management skills, and more to augment your Maximo experience.

Here’s our team’s top three takeaways from the conference:

  1. Need for design-thinking and innovation in asset management

Ben Pring’s keynote Thursday morning struck a delicate balance that made it simultaneously inspiring and unsettling. Pring, the co-author of What To Do When Machines Do Everything: How To Get Ahead in a World of AI, Algorithms, Bots and Big Data, described how AI, IoT, and Big Data have, and will continue to revolutionize the asset management industry for the better — and worse.

Pring sounded the alarm about the dark side of AI. Pring said that business is moving to a competition between AI-enabled “smart machines”; AI applications will give some businesses a competitive advantage while those without intelligent analytics get left behind. He also took a similar tone to Cathy O’Neil’s Weapons of Math Destruction in describing how algorithms are only as good as the data we use to teach them—and in warning that (unintentionally or otherwise) skewed data will produce biased algorithms with undesirable results.

However, my overall takeaways from Pring’s keynote were hopeful: “AI is the great story of our time,” Pring said, “It will take us into the sci-fi world we have dreamed about.”

In particular, Pring charged the audience with bringing more innovation and design thinking into the asset management space. Pring defined innovation as any improvement that makes “things suck less.” He also gave the example of Apple, which reached a $1-trillion valuation during the conference, as “showing how beauty adds value.” Beauty, Pring said, makes work easier and more enjoyable. He then alluded to a more than a few processes and screens within a variety of asset management platforms that could benefit from both innovation and design thinking to streamline and enhance the user interface.

Watching Pring’s presentation, I became keenly aware that we’ve already embraced many of these concepts at ValuD. Our Solution Accelerators streamline common processes that serve both particular industries and cross-industry processes, such as our Smart Archiving and Asset Costing accelerators. We also focus on producing engaging and intuitive user interfaces, such as on our Mobility solutions.

  1. AI & IoT have arrived

On the Expo floor and during the AI & IoT Showcase, our team saw numerous affordable and ready-to-deploy AI & IoT applications for those at the leading edge of the technology adoption curve. These displays during the showcase show that AI & IoT is becoming very plug and play!

Bentley showed how they use drones to take images, and then use AI to create a 3D digital twin. This twin can be manipulated in virtual reality to assist with troubleshooting issues and designing facility upgrades.

Fluke® announced its latest wireless vibration sensor — the 3561 — that’s the size of an A-cell battery. Just place the sensor where you want it, plug a small wireless gateway into a nearby 120-Volt outlet, and log onto your Fluke Connect account to begin receiving vibration data.

While Fluke Connect makes it easy to generate data, somebody still has to analyze the measurements and determine actions. During my Showcase presentation, I showed how easy it is to add a Fluke Connect device to Motors@Work and begin generating actionable asset intelligence inside your Maximo environment within seconds. From creating work orders that help you prevent motor failures to producing business cases justifying motor repair / replacement on procurement authorizations, Fluke Connect + Motors@Work + IBM Maximo makes condition monitoring easy.

  1. Getting back to the basics

For all the talk about the leading edges of AI, IoT, drones, AR/VR, and other emerging technologies, our team heard a lot of confusion about some of the fundamental concepts of asset management — such as rotating assets and PM scheduling — and how best to deploy these concepts within IBM Maximo. Look for us to address these topics in upcoming posts.

On the Expo Floor, we also heard a lot of interest in training. So, we’ve just added several public courses to our Fall lineup to accommodate our current waitlist. These classes are sure to fill up quick, so sign up today.

What were your takeaways from MaximoWorld™ 2018? Let Nicole know at info@motorsatwork.com.


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