Nicole Dyess
Director of Client Solutions, Nicole manages implementations and user experience

Nicole (Kaufman) Dyess has 20 years’ experience optimizing the performance of motor-driven systems. Nicole began her career at Advanced Energy testing thousands of motors, consulting with manufacturers on the design of motors and motor-driven equipment, and working with the US Department of Energy, its research labs, and electric utilities to document and to educate motor users about motor management best practices. Subsequently, Nicole spent five years managing state-wide energy efficiency programs with the NC Department of Commerce, and nearly three years providing technical analyses, facilitating process improvement projects, identifying energy efficiency opportunities, and managing renewable energy projects for the City of Raleigh. Nicole holds master degrees in mechanical engineering and public administration. As Motors@Work’s director of client solutions, Nicole focuses on client implementations and user experience while providing technical support for the sales and development teams.

DMWW pumping optimization has allowed the utility to achieve established industry benchmarks of a minimum of 11 percent to 15 percent in the peak rate and demand charge energy expense.

Doug OscarsonDes Moines Water Works Utility Manager

Today the moral mandate is to  manage one’s assets for optimal performance at the least energy cost and environmental impact; truly a win:win strategy.

Bill StoweDes Moines Water Works CEO and General Manager

Taking a life cycle approach to motor management is essential to optimizing efficiency. Motors@Work will be critical to us accomplishing these objectives.

Royce HammittOperations & Maintenance Manager at Des Moines Metropolitan WRA
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