Life Cycle Energy Management Drives 30% Motor Energy Savings

GREENVILLE, SC – December 13, 2016 – Motors@Work LLC today announced the commercial availability of Motors@WorkTM v 3.0.  Building on its motor and pump life cycle energy management capabilities, v3.0 includes enhancements to benchmarking and predictive analytics with detailed operational and financial intelligence.   With Motors@Work, companies can integrate lifecycle motor efficiency into their day-to-day asset management and realize up to 30% in motor energy savings per year.  The out-of-the-box solution integrates seamlessly with customers’ existing asset management systems, leveraging current technology investments.  The new release is now available on the IBM Bluemix / Watson IoT platform.

The Motors@WorkTM Release v3.0 enhancements include:

  • Motor evaluations (comparing new motors, rewind vs. new, existing vs. new) that in addition to the motor equivalency and performance information includes detailed financial analysis (IRR, NPV, ROI, and 5-year cash flow) taking into consideration rewind costs, service and installation costs, rebates, and energy and demand escalation factors, and discount rates.
  • Improved accuracy for modeling VFD- and multi-speed motor-driven equipment
  • An expanded motor catalog that now contains more than 46,000 commercially available motors with linked web access to the manufacturer’s nameplate, specifications, drawings, parts, and performance data
  • Standard “out-of-the-box” integrations with IBM Maximo and Infor EAM; including work order, work request, and capital replacement appropriation initiation
  • Online help integration that includes field level definition and validation, non-conformity fault detection and diagnosis and potential counter measure best practices
  • Motor history capture and energy improvement classification
  • Utility bill capture and comparative analytics
  • New and improved operating schedules
  • Ability to export motor inventory data and reports into Excel or PDF for easier sharing

Motor energy consumption is one of the single largest O&M expenses a company must manage to control its operating costs. Demonstrating our continuing commitment to growing the Motors@WorkTM community, we have taken a significant step forward in helping our customers drive down their energy costs and make informed motor life cycle management decisions at no additional cost,” noted Rod Ellsworth, Founder and CEO Motors@Work LLC.

About Motors@Work LLC –­ Motors@Work LLC is a pioneer in motor and pump-driven system energy optimization with a focus on the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) sector.  Motors@WorkTM is a SaaS solution that leverages Department of Energy best practices and patent-pending technology to optimize motors and pumps performance and help customers save up to 30% in energy costs.  For more information, visit

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Nicole Dyess

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