Energy intelligence: Identifying savings opportunities with greater asset insights

Three weeks ago, I promised a deep dive into each of our three new dashboards. Last week, we explored our asset intelligence dashboard. This week we’ll investigate our energy intelligence dashboard.

As you may recall, the information present on each dashboard supports our design personas’ role-related objectives, following Peter Drucker’s 1967 advice from “The manager and the moron.”

Motors@Work’s energy view primarily supports energy managers and operations staff, while providing some energy-related KPIs and other performance statistics that financial officers and executives may find insightful. The “thinking tasks” that the energy dashboard helps with include:

  1. Where does my energy spend go?

For most organizations, energy is somewhere between their second and fifth highest cost center. And, depending on industry, most of those energy dollars go into your motors. So Motors@Work’s Energy Expense portlet helps you explore where you’re spending your energy dollars—in total, by facility and process, and per unit produced. We also help you understand how much of that energy your motors spend — helping you make the case for paying attention to these critical assets.

  1. How can I lower my energy expenses?

For organizations that use time-of-use rates, shifting your production to off-peak periods has the potential to reduce your energy spend by up to 20%. Motors@Work’s Demand Projections portlet can help you identify those opportunities. We use weather forecasts, your utility rates, up-to-date asset performance, and your production history to project production needs over the next seven days and identify the lowest energy cost asset schedule to meet that demand. Click to drill down and view the recommended schedule for each process.

  1. What needs my attention today?

The Notifications portlet displays currently open alerts with sequential color and icon coding to draw you to the most serious alerts first. At a glance, you’ll see what needs your attention today — whether it’s a motor in distress or a utility bill that failed its audit. Then, click to drill down and see further details on the asset with an open alert.

  1. How are we performing? Which way are we trending?

Finally, the KPIs portlet contains some indicators that our clients requested — such as energy performance, demand charges, and energy charges — as well as sparklines to help you quickly see how these key indicators have trended in the past year. If you’d like to see additional or alternate indicators, we can customize this portlet to show the KPIs your organization prefers.

Want to test drive our new energy intelligence dashboard? Email Nicole at to schedule your Motors@Work demo today.

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