Motor-Driven System Energy Optimization

Today, in spite of an ever-growing adoption of Energy Management Systems (EnMS) in the industrial sector, there is a low awareness of motors and motor-driven systems efficiency potential. Motors@Work uses the latest technology, certified analytics, systematic business process integration, and near real-time data currency to provide motor and driven system intelligence. The solution was designed and developed by our team of experts based on satisfying the ISO 50001 requirements whereby strengthening management focus on energy. Motors@Work introduces a systematic approach to efficiency and continual improvement, identifying required resources to meet energy reduction goals.




Leverages DOE certified analytics and patent-pending innovation


Connects to the worldwide motor community to contribute and use timely intelligence


Reduces energy costs by more than 15%

Results-Driven Analytics

Jump-starts your APM, OpEx, and Sustainability initiatives immediately



Monitors small operation of a couple dozen to thousands of motors with no reconfiguration


Plugs into your existing workflow and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) strategy through REST APIs


Systematically identifies motor non-conformity performance and immediately initiates correct actions


Provides motor-driven system intelligence where it is needed, when it is needed, to who needs it


With Motors@Work you instantly understand exactly how your motor-driven equipment energy is being used providing the information and intelligence that will save you energy, reduce maintenance costs, optimize your operations, and improve your motor driven system asset performance. Whether you have a dozen motors or thousands, Motors@Work will provide the flexibility and scalability to meet your needs.

  • Designed to solve a wide variety of motor driven system efficiency management challenges
  • Market-proven, certified, scalable, collaborative SaaS cloud-based solution
  • Flexible enough to handle small single site operation to large complex multinational organizations
More Specialized Features:
motors at work

Start reducing your energy cost today!

DMWW pumping optimization has allowed the utility to achieve established industry benchmarks of a minimum of 11 percent to 15 percent in the peak rate and demand charge energy expense.

Doug OscarsonDes Moines Water Works Utility Manager

Today the moral mandate is to  manage one’s assets for optimal performance at the least energy cost and environmental impact; truly a win:win strategy.

Bill StoweDes Moines Water Works CEO and General Manager

Taking a life cycle approach to motor management is essential to optimizing efficiency. Motors@Work will be critical to us accomplishing these objectives.

Royce HammittOperations & Maintenance Manager at Des Moines Metropolitan WRA
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